For this project, we were put into groups to develop skills in understanding the impact of various aspects of built environment design. We did this by analysing simple building case studies, and communicating as a team; proposing refurbishment solutions that integrate key elements in the sustainability concept.

As one of the interior designers working on this project, it was my responsibility to create a space for the ground floor within the library. Our concept for the overall space was growth and we wanted our library to represent this through colour, shapes and heights. We also wanted to make sure that our space was accessible to all, so we researched into the dimensions needed to do this, along with a contrast in colours to help to distinguish the space for those with visual impairments.


Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 15.12.41.png

The initial idea for one of the shelving displays was to have a tree like feature where people can pick a book and sit in the area to read, however this would not be accessible to those in a wheelchair. To solve this problem the chosen idea was to remove the small seating area and create a flat surface with a different coloured carpet underneath to create that similar effect below.

The idea was to have this shelving display in the centre of the library however was moved next to the other bookshelf so that the design flowed well together..


The Initial Idea for the reception desk was to have something that sloped down to a smaller height allowing those in a wheelchair and those who are smaller in height to be able to see over the desk. The slope added to the curves and movement of the space however was not practical as a flat surface was needed. 





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